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From restaurants to climate change

... anything from investigating diners' tipping behaviour to understanding climate change and genetics. December ... is represented by the line, and the grey band indicates uncertainty about the line. Because size takes integer values, and we are ...

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Coincidence, correlation and chance

... pattern rather than randomness, certainty rather than uncertainty, existence rather than nonexistence, predator in the bushes rather ... is one way we're easily misled when it comes to our understanding of probability. The thing to remember is that rare things happen ...

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'Deciphering the cosmic number'

... in the human psyche". It's an individual's pleasure in understanding nature that allows these archetypes to emerge from the ... Kepler as a thinking type, seeking a mechanical understanding of the Universe, and Fludd as a feeling type with a desire for ... Jung found this idea mirrored in Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, which asserts that at a quantum level, the world is not ...

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Nobel mathematics

... a controlled process called programmed cell death . Understanding this process has great biological and medical importance - cancer ... work on how people make decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk. The other winner, Vernon Smith of George Mason ...

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Plus leaves the classroom

... the unwary — how to communicate and evaluate risk and uncertainty, how to explain seeming paradoxes, how to avoid the common pitfalls ... choice of where to have their treatment (which meant understanding the perverse incentives caused by performance monitoring and just ...

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New GCE AS/A-level Cores

... However, the existing section on the "Mathematics of Uncertainty" has been removed. This was a controversial section in 1993. It ... of the total A-level marks) which tests the candidates' understanding of the connections between different elements of mathematics. ...

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