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Maths in a minute: "R nought" and herd immunity

What is herd immunity and what does it have to do with a number called R0?

The problem with combining R ratios

We explore why you need to be extremely careful when combining the reproduction ratios of a disease in different settings, such as hospitals and the community.

The growth rate of COVID-19

We all now know about R, but sometimes it can be good to consider another number: the growth rate of an epidemic.

The power of ants

In this podcast we explore how ants have helped humans to solve some very difficult problems.

The virus

In this podcast we explore the famous curve, talk about how to communicate science in a crisis, and explain the maths of herd immunity in one minute.

A tour through maths and music

Explore the links between mathematics and music at the La La Lab exhibition

A Pointless return!

Celebrate the return of new episodes of Pointless, the addictive TV quiz show, with some fascinating Pointless maths!

Is life unbounded?

The coronavirus and climate change have made many people think about how their lives will end. Here it's useful to take a mathematical view and contemplate: is life bounded, or is it unbounded?