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R's not all you need

When it comes to loosening COVID restrictions all eyes are usually on R — but it's also important to take account of prevalence.

On the mathematical frontline: Julia Gog

What's it like advising government on the maths behind COVID-19? Find out with epidemiologist Julia Gog in this new podcast series.

Maths in a minute: Cyclic groups

When things go round and round, a cyclic group may be just what you need!

Maths in a minute: The logistic map

Get a fish to teach you chaos theory!

Joining forces to fight COVID-19

Plus is proud to join forces with leading epidemiologists from the JUNIPER consortium.

Amaze your friends! Astound your family!

We reveal some of the maths and magic hidden within a simple pack of cards!

Universe Unravelled

We're proud to announce the launch of a documentary we have been working with Discovery and the Stephen Hawking Centre for Theoretical Cosmology.

The story of the Gömböc

Meet the Gömböc — a nearly impossible object that behaves as if it were alive.