Mmmm... MathsJam!

Good news! Not long to wait till the Annual MathsJam!

Mathematical moments: Frank Kelly

Frank Kelly talks about his work on networks and how inspiration can strike out of the blue.

Luca lived beneath the sea

Geneticists find fascinating clues to the origin of life.

Some highlights from the ECM 2016

Prime numbers, fluid dynamics and architecture at the European Congress of Mathematics in Berlin.

The European Congress of Mathematics 2016

We have arrived in Berlin for a week of the best maths in Europe.

Citizen scientists count sunflower spirals

Does the famous Fibonacci sequence always appear in sunflower seed heads?

Gravitational vortex sheds light on black holes

Astronomers have explained a strange effect observed in the vicinity of black holes.

Strawberries, cream and rain

To celebrate Wimbledon, here are some of our best tennis articles and puzzles!

Can cats do logic?

A new study shows they can! At least better than was previously thought.

Mathematical moments: Keith Mansfield

Keith Mansfield tells us how being able to do maths turns you into a superhero, helps you work out why we haven't yet been contacted by aliens, and remembers his favourite mathematical moment.

Hitting the spot

What's the best spot to aim a penalty at?

Who will top the Rio medal table?

Mathematical model predicts Olympic success.

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