Plus Advent Calendar Door #8: The Königsberg movie

One of our favourite maths problems in movie form.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #7: A gaping hole

Can you cut up an old playing card to make a hole big enough to walk through?

Plus Advent Calendar Door #6: Guarding a gallery

How many guards to you need to supervise an art gallery?

Plus Advent Calendar Door #5: Got it!

Here's a number game with a clever strategy.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #3: Throwing shapes

If you want to draw a rhombus on dotty paper, can you start with any two dots?

Plus Advent Calendar Door #4: Origami fractions

How to fold exact fractions without guessing or fiddling.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #2: Shake to solve

How shaking hands with people in two different ways leads to a mathematical proof.

Plus Advent Calendar Door #1: Feeding the meter

Find out how an annoying parking metre can get your creative juices flowing!

Playing with numbers

Here's a game: pick a positive natural number and if yours is the smallest number no one else has picked, you win. What's the best strategy?

A new particle for Christmas?

A bump in the data from the LHC promises exciting news.

Middle class problems

A famous question involving networks appears to have come closer to an answer.

Fibonacci in church

Does a church in Pisa display Fibonacci's famous number sequence?

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