Maths in a minute: The exponential distribution

How long do you have to wait for something to happen?

Maths in a minute: The Poisson distribution

What's the chance that something happens?

Maths in a minute: The binomial distribution

Measuring your chance of success.

Why the generation time of COVID-19 is importantTo work out the famous R number you need to know the time between infections.
Understanding the generation time for COVID-19

How long does it take for one person to infect another?


A beautiful argument to show that all parabolae are similar.

How to work out doubling time

The doubling time for the Omicron variant seems to be scarily fast. But how do you calculate it?

Maths in a minute: QALYs

What's a quality adjusted life year, or QALY?

Pandemics and psychology

Can you capture people's behaviour in epidemiological models?

Maths in a Minute: Turbulence and the Reynolds number

How does a smooth flow suddenly become turbulent? The Reynolds number helps understand the transition.

Life on the beach with Markov chains

Markov chains are exceptionally useful tools for calculating probabilities, and they might increase your chance of getting to the beach!

Maths in a Minute: Fluid dynamics and the Euler equations

How does water, or indeed any fluid, move? The Euler equations let us look beneath the surface and mark the beginning of modern fluid dynamics.

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