Advent calendar 2012

Maths is now an integral part in the study of evolution, describing how mutation and natural selection affect a reproducing population. And now maths has shown that it if you want to get ahead in the evolutionary race, it really does pay to be nice. We were lucky enough to visit the other Cambridge earlier this year to interview Professor Martin Nowak about the mathematics of altruism.

As we are having a little cake of our own today, we thought we'd look back on another great birthday celebration... Stephen Hawking's 70th birthday!

Hungry? Why not try one of Vi Hart's brilliant Tex Mex Hexaflexgons – maths has never tasted so good!

Are you reading this page because you decided to or because you were destined to from the start of time? Plus shares Mick's sentiment that we are free to do what we want, any old time. But what does physics and mathematics have to say about free will?


What's that we hear? Sleigh bells! What's that we smell? Chestnuts roasting on an open fire! What can that mean? Christmas is coming! Celebrate the countdown with the Plus advent calendar featuring our favourite mathematical moments from 2012. Now, what's behind today's door...?