medicine and health

Take part in research from home, and help defeat malaria with Africa@home.
A mathematical model evaluates responses to epidemics
The travels of bank notes give important clues to epidemiologists
The search for the maths gene
Researchers have used mathematical modelling to understand the evolution of the influenza virus.
To study a system, mathematicians begin by identifying its most crucial elements, and try to describe them in simple mathematical terms. As Phil Wilson tells us, this simplification is the essence of mathematical modelling.
To make hard decisions, you need hard facts. Medical statistics can help us to decide what treatment to look for when we are ill, and to estimate our chances of recovery.
Ever since the thalidomide tragedy, governments have realised the importance of a strict licensing regime for new drugs. Medical statistician Robert Hemmings explains how his work for the Medicines Control Agency helps to safeguard the health of the nation.
Mathematics makes a clean sweep in the Nobel Prizes.