Come to Mathscon!

Lydia Ricca and Sayan Biswas
Mathscon speakers

Nira Chamberlain, Katie Steckles and Simon Singh (from the top) are keynote speakers at this year's Mathscon.

Next month Plus will be attending Mathscon, a conference directed at undergraduates, young researchers and science lovers in general, whose mission is to reshape the world's perception of mathematics. It will take place on February 10th at Imperial College London and feature as keynote speakers the popular British science author Simon Singh, applied mathematician Vice President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Nira Chamberlain and mathematician and science communicator Katie Steckles. There will also be panel discussions on topics including Is god a mathematician? and Do parallel universes exist?, as well as workshops and a wide range of other talks.

Last year's Mathscon, which was also the launch event, set a high standard the organisers are intending to stick to. Speakers included Conrad Wolfram, founder and CEO of Wolfram Research Europe; Liv Boeree, professional poker player and TV presenter; and Rob Eastaway, popular mathematics writer and director of Maths Inspiration, and the event finished with a speech by Fields medallist Martin Hairer.

Popular maths author Alex Bellos featured in one of the three panel discussions which covered the topics Was mathematics discovered or invented?, How to make more people appreciate maths? and Will machines ever out-think us?. The conference also offered the maths-loving delegates the chance to see some of the coolest applications of mathematics in five workshops covering game theory, chess, poker, the Rubik's cube and entrepreneurship tips.

Starting from this year's conference, Mathscon is proud to present the Mathscon Grant. This is a grant available to any maths enthusiast who can show how they are contributing to the maths community in an exciting or original way. The winner will receive £1000 from Mathscon to support them in their mathematical studies. The grants is designed to support people who not only share an appreciation for maths, but actually use maths to be innovative and make a difference. To apply, buy a ticket to the event and fill in the grant application form on the Mathscon website.

Mathscon is already the largest student-led mathematics conference in the UK, but many Mathscon events around the world are being planned. The organisers are beginning to build partnerships with educational institutions, create relations with pioneer corporations and receive support from great names in mathematics.

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Hi, I was wondering when the mathscon after this one is, as I thought it would b fun to go to it. I am from America so I would have needed more time to prepare.

Is god a mathematician? As God is a proper noun shouldn't it have a capital 'G?'