Your process of deciphering this diary was fascinating.
May I know if it can be used for ancient scripts that are so far
In particular the Harappa and Indus Valley scripts.

As you may know these have been tough to crack. I had an idea that the hundreds of seals that have been found may be a coded form of communication. My assumption (of the thousands floated by historians) was that they were a type of 'hundi' system, a form of banking instrument used by the Marwari community in india. The bearer gets x amount of money subject to some pre-conditions.
But they may also be coded using one of the methods above. Maybe some religious text or astronomical event was used as a one time pad known to merchants at both ends of a trade route.
Is your computer code copyrighted or can others use it to see if this particular script can be deciphered? I am not a programmer and no longer associated with a college but I could find someone to run the programs.
Thank you,