You made the comment.
"If you were to try some different values for the forumula, you would find that when v and C are both doubled, E(v,C) decreases. This shows the surprising fact that using one large link is better than using two links half the size."

I dont agree that this formula shows us this. Neither v nor C represent the number of links. If one large link or two small links can carry the same number of concurrent calls then there is no change to the formula and therefore no change to the resulting value. What am I missing?

Without analyzing the formula, I agree that what can be observed when we double the number of connections and the average number of concurrent calls, is that there will still be fewer calls that can not be complete. This would hold true based on the fact that the average number of concurreng calls represents a number of calls that goes above and below the average throughout the day. As the average number of calls increases, the high and low extremes will have less variance from the average therefore reducing the number of calls that cannot be made.

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