First, I hope you are having a nice day. If not, I hope it gets better soon!

Although some of our greatest thinkers are still living, I appreciate your mentioning of Dr. Richard Feynman! Sadly, Dr. Feynman was not well appreciated at times because he was not "polished" and some said he didn't speak well when compared to other greats!

Interestingly, I am curious about Dr. Wheeler, but I believe I understand. It is impossible to mention all the Giants!

As a chemical engineering student, I enjoyed thermodynamics, non-ideal thermodynamics, and quantum mechanics. To quote my physical chemistry professor, entropy is like a slippery eel, when you think you have it grasped, it slips right out of your hands.

String theory is such an amazing field! I wish I had the mathematical skills to be of importance in such a magical time of discovery!

Thanks for the article!

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