Thanks for your interesting writing and your experience about math movies.
I am a mathematician, and I also watched these movie. Firstly, I suggest to see the film "Professor and his beloved equation".
Mathematics, is a kind of science which needs a mental tool: abstract thinking...
When you want to see things abstractly, you must spend some time with yourself and just interpret many relations and variables in your brain by your own personal language. These materials do not exist in the real world as things. So, some time, mathematician schismatize from the real word. This procedure can be addictive, since I believe that our inner world is so deep and strange. Numbers (with any forms which can have) are the backbone of abstraction. As a joke, I think all things in the world (or maybe worlds) are connected to each other. My reason is, for each thing as like as "x" take the number "T(x)". Now, for two arbitrary things "x" and "y", we have "T(x)+P(xy)=T(y)", where the term "P(xy)" is the connecting number of "x" and "y".
I hope we see many new interesting math films.

Best wishes

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