The photo, the very thought of CERN, frightened me down to my core which puzzles me greatly. The fear didn't make sense to me, I knew nothing about it. I contacted my sister she went online found info read and discussed it with me in the attempt to ease my fear. No, it didn't help. I still felt puzzled, how could I be so frightened. So, after months living in fear of this Monster destroy my world, I decided enough was enough I needed answers behind CERN theory what these physicists are really trying to do with CERN instead of letting my mind run wild or listening to babbling of others which would only escalate my fear. I seek knowledge online I came across" LHC FOR DUMMIES" which seemed appropriate. After reading, I feel I have little more insight of CERN, it's so exciting the thought that CERN could have the possibilities in which the physicist would find hidden dimensions by create an high-energy environment that enable particles to jump in and out then colliding together. WOW! I would love to observe the LHC up and operational I can only imagine how beautiful.

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