Regarding the chicken and the egg. The egg came first. The explanation below is a vast oversimplification of the process of evolution but does 'solve' the chicken and egg problem.
If we think of how evolution works we realize that before there was a chicken there was something that was not a chicken. For illustration purposes let's call it a feathered dinosaur. This dinosaur lays eggs. Most of the eggs hatch into more dinosaurs but occasionally there is a mutation. Many of the mutations do not survive but one day there is one that does survive and has some advantantage that causes it to outlive the rest of the dinosaurs. Although I am skipping a vast number of incremental steps, we can see how a dinosaur laid an egg that hatched a chicken. Hence the egg came first.
The chicken and the egg problem is only a problem if you look at a small window of time. If you look over millions of years the solution can be found.
On the nature of the origin of the universe however ... The dinosaur is keeping her lips sealed. :-)

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