Exactly I agree but maybe there is the BIG BOUNCE where the universe expands and then the gravity compresses or other force and it squishes back into the size of the big bang then it expands again maybe it is just happening over and over but, The thing I don't understand is how it keeps happening. I think time is just our understanding of subsequent actions happening like cold doesn't exist it is just a lack of heat but maybe the universe is expanding due to an ENOURMOUS amount of weak forces. So there but maybe those are radiating dark energy or something else. Maybe dark energy doesn't exist maybe it is just a vacuum of nothingess where light goes around it. Light is just photons to me dark is faster because if you can have a lack and it is just light but still. I don't really want to say anything because in physics everything leads to another theory maybe nothing exists there are infinite possibilities I don't know neither do we so people just keep researching

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