News from the world of maths: Geek Pop 2009: Be there and be square

News from the world of maths: Geek Pop 2009: Be there and be square

Friday, March 06, 2009

Geek Pop 2009: Be there and be square

The Geek Pop '09 virtual festival site opens its gates today to music fans and science geeks from all over the world. Geek Pop showcases the talents of up-and-coming artists playing music inspired by science.

In the second year of running, festival goers will be treated to 15 acts playing four virtual stages. The festival, which kicks off during National Science and Engineering Week (6th-15th March), is free to enter and festival goers can take away a free festival highlights podcast. All performances will be available on Geek Pop catch-up for the entire year following the event.

Headlining on Geek Pop's main stage, the Tetrahedron, will be doctors Adam Kay and Suman Biswas, otherwise known as Amateur Transplants. Other artists include an engineering professor, an astronomy-inspired electro outfit and renowned science writer Stuart Clark playing rock guitar.

As well as music downloads from artists playing at the event, the first 1,500 visitors to the Tesla Tent will be entitled to three free music downloads of their choice, courtesy of sponsors 7digital.

"We've really got some fantastic acts lined up and what's great is that all of them are very committed to their music as well as their science," says festival organiser Hayley Birch. "But there's a serious message in Geek Pop, which is that science and creativity aren't so very far apart. Of course, there's also a not so serious message, which is that it's okay to be a geek."

And if you're into your geek pop, watch out for an exclusive interview with one of the artists playing at the festival, soon to be published on Plus.


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