If it is true that the most landed on space is St james place, new york avenue, and Tennessee Avenue.
Then the second most landed on space is Oriental, vermont avenue, and connecticut avenue because of the advance to go cards in community chest and chance. The advance to boardwalk also puts the roller in a strong position to land on those properties so there are 3 cards give the roller a 40% chance for you to land on one of three properties before getting past them.
The least landed on square is park place because it is exactly 7 squares away from the go to jail square square which is the most frequently rolled number plus there are a lot of advance to go cards in chance and community chest that by pass park place and board walk. The second least landed on square is mediteranean avenue because when you get an advance to go card from chance you cant land on that square and have only 1/18 chance of landing on baltic avenue.
railroads, utilities, st charles place, illnois avenue, and board walk are all hit more frequently because they all have chance cards. New york gets hit a little bit more because of the go back 3 spaces card.

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