This is the way to win it

First take the candy at (3,2) and then it depends on the opponent's next move.

If he picks one from the top, take (1,5) and then he's probably gonna take (6,1).
Take (3,2). Then you win no matter what. If he takes (5,1) take (1,4) if he takes (2,2), take (4,1) I think you'll know how to go from there.

If he takes (5,1) take (1,4), then he is going to take (4,1) so take 2,2 after that. Then you can continue.

If he takes 6,1 then take 2,2 and then copy what he does and you'll win.

If he takes 4,1 then take 1,3 and if he takes 3,1 take 2,2 and vice versa.

So there you have it!

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