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A great question is posed, not often examined deeply enough - neither by physicists or mathematicians. Presently “reality” is reflected in the stochastic, uncertain and probablistic analysis contained within the mathematics of QFT - Directly linked to the Copenhagen interpretation of QM.

It is fascinating to me that such small wave spaces can be examined – with only a cursory recognition of consciousness within its internal operations; Even in approaches where consciousness comes into play, as for example in the work of Bohm and perhaps that of Penrose, the significance of its projective presence is completely alien to the accepted constructs of mathematics. In this way an amazing factor has been overlooked within the thinking of this field: Consciousness itself is entangled within the deep non-local interior of the wave geometries that underlie its own dimensional experiential setting. This poses the real possibility of transforming - completely - our self-perspective as well as our view of the kind of science and technology we can develop and the way humans interact with each other.

A mathematical edifice, thus accepted as law, cannot transcend its own limitations through the assembly and disassembly of its constituent parts – tinkering is what a genius called it. GUT’s – which may be misnomers as a representative class - cannot be found upon such a base.

Internal transformations of the order that is aimed for with this thought exercise – which would create new architectures that may expose very different kind of geometric wave topologies (perhaps a new kind of projective (non-math) topology?) certainly lie within the provance of human conception – a decidedly non-mathematical notion.

As a lay person in math I enjoy reading this magazine. I appreciate the high quality of material.
Have fun today!
Maarten Forsyth

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