Tell the world about maths with the FMSP-Rolls-Royce poster competition!

Tell the world about maths with the FMSP-Rolls-Royce poster competition!

The Further Mathematics Support Programme (FMSP) and Rolls–Royce plc are pleased to invite entries for the third national poster competition for undergraduate or PGCE mathematics students.

Students are invited to submit a poster designed to convey the essence of a mathematical topic that has been covered by their university course to AS and A level students. You can submit a poster either as an individual, as a group, or as part as your course. The deadline is the 31st of March 2011 and the prize consists of £100 plus you'll have an A2 version of your poster printed and sent out to schools. Each printed poster will prominently feature the name(s) of its designer(s) together with recognition of their universities, Rolls-Royce plc and the FMSP. You can see winning designs of previous years here.

The best posters will be:

  • mathematically accurate
  • attractively laid out
  • capable of enriching a course in AS or A level mathematics
  • likely to attract school/college students to take mathematics (or mathematics-related subjects) at university

Posters may be designed in any readily available software. Ideally, the page layout should be set to 59.4cm × 42.0cm, using either landscape or portrait format. The university’s logo should appear in the top left corner and there should be a space 7cm high x 5cm wide in the top right corner for the FMSP logo. The bottom 2cm of the poster should be left blank. All images should be at least 300dpi.

The poster designs must be the students’ original work and you will be required to sign a declaration that this is the case. No image used should be protected by copyright. Entries may be submitted by students studying in any university department.

The FMSP reserves the right to edit the winning design before printing to ensure that it is technically correct and complete. Winners may be required to contribute actively to the editing process.

Entries should be submitted by e-mail to by 31 March 2011. The email must include the name(s) and full contact details of the designer(s). The poster design should be attached to the e-mail, in the form of an editable file.

For further information contact Richard Browne.

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