So this might be simplistic but here it goes.
In2D or flatland, everything is only one point high, but different materials can exist. Such as Metal, concrete and black powder. If I make a Rectangular container put a tile in one half and black power in the remainder and lite it. Some of the explosion that doesn’t ‘disappear’ into the 3d space above would contact the tile. The tile would either 1) jiggle around and then come to a rest 2) be wedged upward and disappear into the 3d 3) have an edge remain in 2d and the rest be in 3d. It’s balanced on its edge.
Repeating this in 3d space with a wall in the shape of a rectangle, with a floor and roof this time so it’s enclosed. A cube is placed inside, and the remaining ½ filled with black powder. Results are 1) the cube Jiggles and comes to rest 2) the cube is reduced to bit’s.
The questions are
1) How much energy is needed to propel a 3d object into 4d space?
2) What material will survive the amount of energy directed at it?
3) Is this a plausible scenario?

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