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Game... Set... Match...

The strawberries are out and it's raining... so it must be Wimbledon time! If you're trying to while away the time waiting for the covers to come off the court then give Cliff Richard a break and take a look at some of the great tennis articles and puzzles here on Plus!


Anyone for tennis (and tennis and tennis...)?
American John Isner and the Frenchman Nicolas Mahut are set for a rematch in the Wimbledon 2011 Championships — but how will it compare with their match of epic proportions from last year? Just how freaky was their titanic fifth set from 2010 and what odds might a bookmaker offer for a repeat?


Making a racket: the science of tennis
A perfect althletic performance takes more than training, it also takes engineers working hard to produce the cutting-edge equipment. If you're a tennis player, your most important piece of equipment is your racket. Over recent decades new materials have made tennis rackets ever bigger, lighter and more powerful. So what kind of science goes into designing new rackets?


Winning at Wimbledon
What does it take to win at Wimbledon? Can you figure out how many games the champion has to win? And how many matches are played overall?

And you can also find out if the robots have their eye on the trophy, if tennis should be in the Olympics and much much more about maths and sport on Plus and on the MMP's Countdown to the Games.


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