Just finished reading the Feb 18 post. Quite good, and thanks for providing the link to Greg Scholes page at the U of Toronto. There is a misconception among many who think about photons to only think about them as discrete particles when in fact they also behave like waves, or as some like to call them, wave-packets. Photons fall into the Boson family of phenomena rather than the Fermion family. This is important because Bosons love to cooperate and hangout together at pubs drinking and singing together, while Fermions are at home alone maybe watching some football on the telie, or so physicist Wolfgang Pauli likened. And it's a useful analogy to get a grasp of what's happening away down in quantum land. This allows photons to pile out of the pub through one preferred vibratory door no matter whether there is just one door or 15, so long as they all have the same energy resonance features in the antennae proteins that make use of their energy. This IS where superposition enters into the picture. In effect what we are talking about here is a true quantum computing circuit, the very thing that computing engineers are trying to figure out all over the world just now! What surprised me was the fact that the new Quantum Computing centre going into Waterloo doesn't even have a quantum biology unit as part of its research team effort. I guess the QC geeks must be Fermions. P. LeMay, Vancouver

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