String theory and art in Cambridge

String theory and art in Cambridge

RT and MF at the aquarium

Interested in the connections between art and science? Then come to this free public lecture at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge on March 14, 2012 to hear theoretical physicist David Berman and artist Grenville Davey talk about string theory as an inspiration to art.

String theory is at the cutting edge of theoretical physics. Its deep goal is to unify quantum mechanics and relativity. In doing so, string theory brings up new ways of seeing the world, with hidden dimensions and novel surprising symmetries and relationships. This event will begin with an accessible introduction to string theory by David Berman followed by a presentation and discussion with Grenville Davey on his art and how aspects of string theory and contemporary physics have been an inspiration. A wine reception will follow.

Grenville Davey is a Turner Prize winning sculptor who is currently artist-in-residence at the Institute. His recent interests and work have been inspired by the ideas from string theory and its way of describing our universe. David Berman is currently organising a programme at the Institute on string theory and is an expert in M-theory, an extension of string theory.

To request free tickets to this event please contact the Isaac Newton Institute by phoning +44 (0)1223 335999 or emailing Some tickets will also be available on the night but pre-booking is recommended. This event is likely to be suitable for interested people age 14+. It starts at 6.30pm and lasts for an hour.

For further information see the Newton Institute website.

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