1. Endre arithmetic progression can be use as fraction index of compound and differential indexing in gear teeth cutting and will act as future computer using maglev operations in crank rotations using stepper motor technics will revolutionize CNC machines technology relevant to manufacturing technology.Thank you for the prize award which inspired me very much.
With a piezo electric technics we could be able to achieve any combinatorial outputs.
I would like to add my grain of salt to the ongoing discussion on Gowers’s idea that computers may eventually replace mathematicians in some future. I don’t know what computers will be in the future and they may be able to do miraculous things, as in science fiction. I love science fiction, but I do not want to discuss it here. I do not want to speculate about quantum computing either. I assume that future computers will remain Von Neuman machines for a long time to come. They will be faster, have a bigger memory and they will be programmed differently.
Experience shows that mathematical thinking is depending on the alternation of two kinds of activities. One is about developing a mental picture of the problem, an intuition of its nature. The other is about making a calculation, as in algebra or formal logic. The two activities are performed alternatively as in a dance. A calculation is guided by an intuition, and the intuition is confirmed or rejected by a calculation. Few mathematical progresses can be made by using intuitions or calculations alone. Computers are very good at computing and they can help us doing mathematics, like a pen and a piece of paper. But they have no intuition, no consciousness. They are mindless mechanical machines.
I claim that we do not understand the nature of consciousness. Of course, we are making progress in studying the brain. But artificial intelligence seems to show that the brain does not need to be conscious to perform its tasks. So why the brain should produces consciousness? Consciousness is the blind spot of modern science. This I don’t agree.
Consciousness of the brain is required to find out what is correct and what is wrong to let others live in happiness, which the artificial intelligence is lacking. Mainly we live on love and affection. This includes ESP powers and intuition required. Here enters the ashtama syddhis to make things out of nothing, the consciousness that makes things to be produced attaining everything by acoustic mantras which can be injected into computer partially as an experiment. Being consciousness brings out evolution of an evolution for higher thinking and achievement to attain the tranquility and happiness which should be the ultimate goal of happiness to merge with Nature god
The Atman carry the evolutionary information afterdeath. .Any handycaps of human beings is also carried with the Atman as information. A man having a paralyzed leg as they enter into a body as a medium produces paralytic symptoms as medium entry; all these experiences can not be got by artificial intelligence.
Sankaravelyudhan Nandakumar,Assistant Professor, R&D Wing Pneumatics and Hydraulics,MET Engineering College.Hubble Space research center member,Retired Chief Engineer,Thermal power plant.

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