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FAVIO's fascinating fractals

Favio art

The image Fractured Worlds at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, with Frank Milordi in the centre.

If, like us, you like fractals, then you will love the work of Frank Milordi, aka FAVIO. Milordi is a former Director of Engineering and Technology who creates mind challenging computer images based on the mathematics of chaos and fractals. You may be familiar with his work already, as one of his beautiful fractal images adorns one of the latest Plus postcards.

In addition to work based on those amazing infinitely repeating structures, Milordi has also created a unique form called annihilated fractal, which dominates his art. "The annihilated fractal is a transformation of the base fractal via additional mathematical manipulations," he explains. "The resulting image is a colourful and abstract form that retains elements of the base fractal. The viewer is challenged to discern elements of the base fractal within the visual abstraction."

Some favourite FAVIO images are shown below. For additional information visit his website or write to Frank Milordi, 4261 Careywood Dr, Melbourne, FL 32934 (USA).

Favio art

Frank Milordi at an exhibition of his work at the Orlando Museum of Art — Shop Gallery.

Favio art

Infinity within Infinity by FAVIO.

Favio art

Tornado Spawning by FAVIO.

Favio art

Space City by FAVIO.


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