Thanks very much for your review of 'Brilliant Blunders.' It's now on my list.

In case you missed it, which I somehow doubt, Livio's 'Golden Ratio' is also highly enjoyable.

Thanks, too, for your essay on "Hidden Dimensions," which I've just now read in 'Best Writing on Mathematics' for 2011. You brought several related topics to a brilliant focus in this essay, viz., important work by Ricci, Chern, Kahler, Calabi and Yau. As it happens, I've been trying to chase down these connections for some time and you have aided my efforts in no small measure. I am truly indebted to you.

Here's the thing: Apropos arguments by Riemann, Minkowski and Weyl, among others, I have been arguing that it makes good sense to consider colors as a complex, projective vector manifold which fibers over visual spacetime. I guess the implications are fairly obvious, and so I won't belabor them, but you can easily see why your essay has been so helpful to me.

Best wishes,

Brian J Flanagan