A fascinating article, but it would be nice if links or citations could be provided to some of the papers it mentions.

For instance:

- "In a review article on this interaction, educational neuroscientist Edward Hubbard from the University of Wisconsin, together with colleagues, hypothesise that ..."
- "In a survey of this research, cognitive neuroscientists Domenica Bueti and Vincent Walsh tell us that ..."
- "In a recent essay, mathematician Yehuda Rav chooses ..."
- "As suggested by biologists Humberto Maturana and Francisco Varela ..."

At all these spots, links are provided to the webpages of the scientists mentioned, but that's not terribly helpful to me: I'd like to know exactly what paper is being referred to.

(In some cases, a direct quote is being given - it seems like particularly poor form not to give a citation in that case.)