With the law of Conservation of Energy we find that energy can't be created nor destroyed. Therefore the energy that exists today was never created, and will never be destroyed. This energy will only continue to evolve through entropy. The relation I find with this to the concept of 0, depends on the definition of zero. If zero is a term referring to nothing, it can't exist within our physical existence because we can never detect or even account for "nothing" in a reality where everything is something - energy. We also know that even space itself is expanding, and all of the energy we can detect is in motion, giving it a value greater than zero...
When we apply the value of 0 to something in our reality, we remove it from existence. An object with 0 mass has 0 energy and cannot interact with photons, because it has no intrinsic properties - no motion, no interaction with light, no positive, negative, or neutral charge... In other words it doesn't exist.

The concept of 1-1=0 is a manifested concept to create a numerical measurement to something that doesn't exist. If something doesn't exist and we can't measure how much of it is not here then we equate it to the value of zero. The truth of the matter is, no matter how much of something we don't have, we still have something - or a mathematical value of >0

What do you think?

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