I've heard of fisher information before-- I don't really understand it, but apparently Fisher does! Here's the introduction on the website, followed by the link:

Over the past 15 or so years, it has become increasingly clear that the fundamental laws of science are expressions of the concept of information. This includes laws governing the small (at subatomic scales), the large (astronomical scales), and everything in between. In between are chemistry, biology and even higher-level effects involving willful human activity, such as economics and sociocultural organization. These laws all derive from a principle of information optimization called extreme physical information, or EPI.*

*Although long in coming, the EPI principle has only recently been derived. (See Sec. 9, Recent Papers). This is in the paper by Frieden and Gatenby,"Principle of maximum Fisher information from Hardy's axioms applied to statistical systems," Phys. Rev. E 88, 042144 (2013), 6 pages. This shows that EPI follows from the very mathematical axioms that are the basis for all known physics. A sketch of the derivation is in Section 4.


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