In his later years, George Box toured with Stu Hunter lecturing to industrial groups about the nature of Advanced SPC methods. Luckily I heard those lectures and saw how much George needed to "lecture with math" and how we as engineers needed Stu Hunter to "illuminate with graphic visualizations." George would lecture for a time, then go take a nap while Stu explained graphically and with some humor what George was talking about with all the equations. They tag-teamed us back and forth like that and it worked like a charm. I think his biography needed a co-author, frankly. And helping our industry understand why the basic Shewhart methods no longer worked as well with automated factories was Stu's gift to us. As I remember, one of the Motorola managers refused to pay the bill for their visit as we had signed up without his blessing and not sure if they ever got paid. But we bought lots of their books and even the video series on Box and Hunter DOE methods which are now found on U-tube thanks to Stu Hunter.

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