I'm an avid reader of Plus maths and was reading the article 'What is creativity?' this morning and found your site mentioned.

The article mentioned really inspiring maths teachers, and I'd like to mention one from about forty years ago! His name was Vincent Styles and as of a few years ago he was still teaching at Bishop Challoner School in Shortlands. Mr Styles was am amazing teacher: he cut up ice-cream cones to demonstrate conic sections, built a binary adder, with two coloured LEDs to demonstrate binary and briefly interrupted a class he was teaching to explain what hyperspace was to me! (The class had nothing to do with hyperspace, and I'd come across the word while watching Star Trek a few days before.)

He's the reason that I started finding maths facinating and eventually read Pure and Applied maths for my Bachelor's degree.

I have no idea what, if any, use you can put this information too, but if Mr Styles is still around and you can use his prodigious creative skills for making maths more accessible, I would be a very happy former student. At the very least I've publicly praised a truly remarkable man.

All the very best, and thank you for making my favourite subject more accessible to kids!

Prabhakar Rajasingham

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