Maths and the arts live in Cambridge

Maths and the arts live in Cambridge

Book cover

Barrow has written a book about maths and the arts.

John D. Barrow, mathematician, cosmologist and boss of Plus, explores maths and the arts in a public talk in Cambridge on Monday, 02 November 2015. Barrow will look at ways in which maths can shed light upon a range of questions in the arts and how problems of art and design inspire new mathematical questions. The canvas will be broadly drawn with examples from different areas of the arts, including painting, textual analysis, diamond cutting, Henry Moore's stringed figures, ballet, and even the best place to stand when viewing statues.

The talk is from 19:30 to 21:00 at Churchill College, Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Storeys Way, Cambridge CB3 0DS. It is organised by the Cambridge Society for the Application of Research. Non-members will be asked to pay a nominal entry fee of £3.00. Find out more here.

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