I like the math and the different methods of modeling weather. I think it will work for non weather applications. Like for betting on horses.

There is one factor not considered in the model. The effect of methane.

It comes from two sources.

Sixty million tons/yr comes from fracking, gas drilling and leakages in its lifecycle infrastructure.

And the other source is the expelled gasses from livestock.

From what I've read (nature magazine, scientific American, peer reviewed articles) methane's short term impact (0-20 years) on gl. warming is horrible.

Ten times more warming occurs with one unit of methane compared to a unit of CO2.

Methane produced by livestock is my own theory. Specifically that which is from cows.

The native Indian cow breeds have a hump on their backs. They are the largest population of livestock in the world. They produce 5-10 kg methane per year per cow. India has 90 million such native cows.

Cross bred cows like jersey and Holstein produce 70-100 kg per year. The US, china, Argentina and Brazil have a combined total of 700 million of these methane monsters. So that is a minimum of 49,000 million kg of methane emitted from cross bred cows.

CO2 is absorbed by plants anyway. We can always plant a couple of million plants. Or 10 million.

I think those models need to be tweaked a little. Factor in fracking and Cows and you may get more accurate estimates for warming.

Don't you think?

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