It seems this problem of sunflower irregularity could be a good application of deep learning. Has anyone talked to any grad sudents in AI to see if someone wants to do a dissertation on sunflower fibonacci irregularites? They could develop a neural network and train on sunflower pictures and be able to instantly identify regular, semi-regular and irregular spiral patterns. I think with a little work the system could produce the above red and yellow diagrams showing what parts of flowers were regular and irregular. Its fanscinating that nature is so irregular but until this study I had never heard that sunflower patterns were irregular. Humans are so simplistic and love to think nature is like clockwork. Reminds me of Wolframs's 'new science' work. Excellent work of the sunflowers everyone. Thank you.

SITE OWNER - I literally had to do 20 captchas to post this. Maybe relax your requirements on that facism. I doubt the math-bots are that troublesome.

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