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Maths in a minute: The prime number theorem

Do you like prime numbers? Then here's a quick look at one of the most important theorems in number theory.

COVID-19 and universities: What do we know?

What will uni be like this year? To find out we first need to understand what happened last year. A recent study has done just that, providing us with vital clues.

Celebrating a new pi record!

A team from the University of Graubünden in Switzerland have announced that they have calculated the decimal digits of the number pi to a record 62.8 trillion places.

Maths in a minute: Machine learning and neural networks

Machine learning makes many daily activities possible, but how does it work?

On the mathematical frontline: Mike Tildesley

What do you actually do when you are modelling the COVID-19 pandemic? Find out with epidemiologist Mike Tildesley in our new podcast series.

Maths in a Minute: Simplices – the atoms of topology

If you love triangles as much as we do, we have great news – you can have them in any dimension you want!

Complex square roots

How to take the square root of a complex number — and discover a beautiful new surface in the process.

A breath of fresh air

Could COVID-19 change our expectations for clear air indoors?