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The subject of physical reality is so close to my heart, and I hold much admiration for Prof Penrose since I read his book ‘The Emperor’s New Mind’. His book, amongst few others, has inspired me to dig deeper in my thoughts on the subject of physical reality. What I would like to say here is that whilst we - I mean those who try to make sense of physical reality, seem to do so by looking to the world around us for answers, the answers, it seems are mostly within our brains. This concept is by no means new and Prof. Penrose did a great job in covering it in that book.

I would like to add the following: since the diversity we observe in the world reflects the diversity of our senses - our five senses provide us with what we perceived as reflecting different phenomena, yet they are all conveying one reality from different perspectives, like thunder and lightening. In addition, to those senses, we have other senses that we are not directly aware of their whereabouts. They provide us with other perspectives (facets) on physical reality. Time, is one such facet, which we perceive through a hidden sense that monitors the interaction between the structure of our grey matter and the fabric of space. When we consider that interaction analytically (mathematically), it appears as energy that dissipates irreversible though space. There is a great deal more to be said on the subject of time, entropy and irreversibility, for which neither the place nor the time are right. I just wanted to register the above thoughts.

Many thank you for the opportunity – AT.

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