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Plus moved to a rolling publishing format rather than an issue based one after Issue 55 in June 2010
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In this issue we make beautiful music, explore the crazy phenomenon of quantum correlation, get chaos on the brain, and learn about the tragically short, yet amazingly productive, life of Evariste Galois.
In this issue we take a step back in time in order to look to the future - we crack the codes of history, look forward to quantum cryptography, and meet the 19th century female mathematician who envisioned the computers of today. Plus we find out how maths turns the thoughts of Lords to the pub.
This issue takes you on a mathematical journey from the the world of art all the way to the eighth dimension. And you can pick up some handy skills along the way - how to win at the races, watch your averages and how to run and hide at the same time.
This month we are celebrating the release of the new Plus Careers with maths posters, showing all the exciting places studying maths can take you. And the issue is full of vital and surprising uses of maths - from dodging sewage to winning a game show, marketing the next blockbuster to saving yourself a trip up the stairs.
Everybody likes a nice surprise and this issue of Plus is packed with them. Impress your friends with Indian rope tricks, amazing feats of memory, and find out if high icecream sales really do cause shark attacks.
Kittens, jaguars, giraffes and bees are just some of the stars in this issue of Plus, where we journey through our own intestines, examine the fashions of the animal world and use mathematics to seek universal truth... or perhaps just make some money.
Maths and politics clearly do mix, with a House of Commons debate inspiring another article in our series especially aimed at schoolteachers and students, and a new UK government report shaking up mathematics education. We also take a chance on the lottery, John Barrow turns agony aunt and we squeeze the most out of theoretical physics.
We play chess, we play music, we even play at vampires. And we continue our series written specially for students, and talk to an old friend of Plus, who is now a maths student at university.
We explore the differences between mathematical literacy and mathematical fluency; there's the first of a new series specially for students, and find out how you can get your own copy of the great new Plus poster!
Some people think science is worthwhile because it is useful; some argue that it also increases our aesthetic appreciation of art and nature. But you rarely hear anyone argue that science is beautiful in itself. With the start of our new series "Imaging maths", Plus argues for recognition of a mathematical aesthetic.