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Plus moved to a rolling publishing format rather than an issue based one after Issue 55 in June 2010
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Mathematics and theoretical physics clearly do mix sometimes. In this issue we introduce quantum mechanics and find out how mathematics has laid the foundation for other areas of research too. Also, don't forget to challenge yourself by trying out our mathematical mysteries!

This issue is all about the many applications of mathematics, including X-rays and satellite images and even images beamed back from other planets. If you are keen on music, you can find out what an ancient African piano looks like and explore natural frequencies and music. We also find out how probability theory was transformed from a questionable activity of gamblers into a reputable topic of pure and applied mathematics.

Believe it or not, finding a partner and eating out are all mathematical issues. In this issue we introduce decoding and dynamic programming as great ways of tackling the problems backwards.

What mathematicians get up to isn't all about heavy calculations and proof. In this issue we look at some recent mathematical discoveries in the world of games and also explore a few of the ways in which mathematics has helped to solve difficult problems in large, complex communication networks.

What is turbulence? How does it form? In this issue of Plus we will observe turbulence mathematically using computer simulations. We also explore the work and life of Daniel Bernouli, who discovered the fluid equation and the method of measuring blood pressure. Plus we'll have a look at a mathematical mystery - hailstones sequences.