Author: Rachel Thomas

Harold Shipman could have been detected earlier by monitoring the death rates of his patients.
Mathematics shows that open source software beats closed source software in the race to fix bugs.
The Institute of Physics and Rambert Dance Company are planning to celebrate the theories of Einstein through dance.
The geometry says that now is the right time for a mission to Mars.
Mathematics is helping machines decide when is the best time to interrupt us with a call or email.
Researchers have used mathematical modelling to understand the evolution of the influenza virus.
The mathematics of Grigori Perelman may earn him a million dollars, if no holes are found in his proof of the Poincaré Conjecture.
Win cold hard cash and bring mathematics to the people by entering the THES and OUP science writing competition.
The work of Donald Coxeter, who died on 31 March 2003, will continue to inspire both mathematicians and artists.
Winning the first Abel Prize just might elevate mathematician Jean-Pierre Serre to celebrity status!