Freeman Dyson dies at 96

The "free-range mathematician" and "architect of particle physics" has passed away in Princeton.

Fighting the coronavirus

As the world prepares for the worst, we explore the maths that can help us stop a pandemic.

Celebrating black mathematicians

Cambridge joins Black History Month celebrations with an event showcasing the contributions of black mathematicians.

Double consecutive e day

Do you like the number e? Then you might like this curious fact about its first four digits.

Kurt Gödel: A postard from Vienna

Wim Hordijk recently sent us a digital postcard from Vienna, where he had traced the steps of the eminent mathematician Kurt Gödel. Here is what he discovered.

Charmed beauty confirms particle theory

A new particle that has recently been discovered at CERN confirms predictions made by theoretical physicists over six years ago.

Helping men with early prostate cancer

A new online tool developed with the help of statisticians enables patients to make informed treatment choices.

A cute problem goes big

Mathematicians have revived an old approach to solving the famous Riemann hypothesis.

Enter the BSHM maths competition for schools!

Choose your favourite mathematician of all time and celebrate them in an article, video or multi-media project.

Pure maths in crisis?

Proof is the essence of mathematics. But is the standard of proof in research maths really as high as mathematicians would like to believe?

The Abel Prize 2019

Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck has been awarded the Abel Prize 2019!

Celebrating pi day with a new record

Just in time for pi day Emma Haruka Iwao announces that she's calculated a record 31 trillion digits of the beloved number.

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