Leelavati Prize 2018: Ali Nesin

Ali Nesin has been awarded the 2018 Leelavati Prize for creating a mathematical paradise for Turkish students and the world's mathematicians.

An interview with Akshay Venkatesh

In these two videos Akshay Venkatesh tells us about winning the Fields Medal, what he enjoys about maths, and introduces us to the ideas in his work.

An interview with Maria Esteban

We talk to Maria Esteban, mathematician and President of the International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

Inspiring the next generation

Nearly 18 million students took part in Brazil's maths olympiad for schools!

The Chern Medal 2018: Masaki Kashiwara

Masaki Kashiwara wins the Chern medal for his "outstanding and foundational
contributions to algebraic analysis and representation theory sustained over a period of
almost 50 years."

The Gauss Prize 2018: David Donoho

If you have ever been in an MRI scanner you'll appreciate the work that Donoho is being honoured for with this prestigious prize.

Caucher Birkar receives a new Fields Medal

Good news from the International Congress of Mathematicians!

Cheryl Praeger at the International Congress of Mathematicians 2018

We speak to Cheryl Praeger about her mathematics and encouraging the next generation of mathematicians.

The Nevanlinna Prize 2018: Constantinos Daskalakis

Daskalakis tells us about the work he is being honoured for, which involves complexity theory, game theory, online dating and traffic jams.

An interview with Alessio Figalli

In this video Fields medallist Figalli tells us about his work and what receiving such a high honour feels like.

The Fields Medal 2018: Akshay Venkatesh

Akshay Venkatesh has been awarded the Fields medal 2018 for his work exploring the boundaries of number theory.

The Fields Medal 2018: Alessio Figalli

Alessio Figalli has been awarded the Fields medal for his contributions, among other things, to optimal transport theory.

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