Face fusion

The maths behind music has inspired software that can merge faces.

International women's day 2017

To celebrate international women's day we bring you some favourite articles from the last year that have been written by (or with major input from) women.

Rocks suggest there's chaos in the solar system

Patterns in a 87 million-year-old rock formation suggest that our solar system is chaotic.

Kenneth Arrow has died

The Nobel Prize winning economist showed that no voting system is perfect.

Monkeys play the peanut lottery

A new study suggests that monkeys have a basic grasp of probabilities.

Do we live in a hologram?

Physicists have discovered evidence that our Universe might be a giant hologram.

Schools maths competition!

Write an article, make a movie, or do a multi-media presentation to explore the world of maths and win prizes! Competition is open to 11 to 19 year-olds.

What made the Moon?

New research suggests that our trusty companion may not have been the Earth's first, but formed from several smaller moonlets.

Happy birthday Ramanujan!

The self-taught genius would have turned 129 in December.

The maths of Spider-Man

If you want to climb vertical walls you need very large feet — or be as small as a gecko.

New £1 coin gets even

The twelve sides of the new £1 coin make it trickier than other coins.

Tricky arrangements

Mathematicians have proved a new result in the field of combinatorics.

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