Art, love and war at the 2015 British Science Festival

Frustrated by airport queues? Missing the summer weather? Find solace at this year's festival.

Rewriting the enormous theorem

Mathematicians are busy tidying up the largest proof in history.

Why wait a second?

Why today is 24 hours and 1 second long.

Mindless searching

How stupid systems can use clever ways of finding things.

Farewell to John Nash

John Nash dies in a car crash aged 86.

It all adds up

Present and future mathematicians celebrating women from across the mathematical sciences.

How to predict an election

Forecasting election results is a sophisticated business.

Election perfection?

Why a perfect voting system is mathematically impossible.

LHC glimpses hint of new physics

Latest observations hint towards new particles.

Maths and art live in Bradford

John D. Barrow explores the links between maths and the arts at the Bradford Literature Festival this Sunday.

Slow down, Universe!

The Universe's expansion may not be accelerating as fast as we thought.

Find the gap

There's been progress on one of the biggest open problems in maths: the twin prime conjecture.

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