Imaging maths - Inside the Klein bottle

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September 2003

Figure-8 Klein Bottle

JavaView Controls
Left-Mouse   Drag to rotate
s   Drag to scale
t   Drag to translate
r   Switch to reset
w   Enable auto-rotation
q   Stop auto-rotation
Right-Mouse   Show popup menu
Shift-s   Enable smooth drawing
Advanced   JavaView Help


The Figure-8 Klein bottle is built from two parts, a red and a semi-transparent white part, which are both Möbius bands. Each part is the trace of half of the figure-8 curve when the figure-8 is moved and twisted long the inner circle.

Open the display inspector and switch-off visibility of either Möbius band to get a better look in the interior of the Figure-8 Klein bottle using

  • Right-mouse click, select control panel
  • Click on either of the two surfaces in the right column to switch visibility


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