Imaging maths - Inside the Klein bottle

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September 2003

Half of a Klein bottle with Möbius strip

JavaView Controls
Left-Mouse   Drag to rotate
s   Drag to scale
t   Drag to translate
r   Switch to reset
w   Enable auto-rotation
q   Stop auto-rotation
Right-Mouse   Show popup menu
Shift-s   Enable smooth drawing
Advanced   JavaView Help


Walking along the Mobius band allows to reach both sides of the Klein bottle.

Open a separate display, which can be enlarged to fill the whole screen, using

  • Right-mouse click, select "New Display"

If interaction with a larger display is too slow then disable the transparency of the Klein bottle half using

  • Right-mouse click, select control panel
  • Activate the Klein bottle by selecting it in the left column.
  • Disable the checkbox Transparency.

Instead of using the display inspector to select a surface, one can use a shortcut: keep the control key <Ctrl> pressed and left-click on the desired surface in the display.

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