gravitational wave

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Kip Thorne explains how to explore the Universe with gravitational waves.

A quick introduction to one of the greatest discoveries of the century.

The newly observed ripple in spacetime will help us unlock some of the secrets of the Universe.

Finally we can be sure — black holes, those gravitational monsters that gobble up everything that gets too close to them, do exist.

Physicists have finally detected the gravitational waves they have been chasing for nearly 100 years.

Rumours abound that physicists have detected gravitational waves produced by the merger of two black holes.

A hundred years ago, on 25 November 1915, Einstein first presented his general theory of relativity. We explore this famous theory and what it says about the world we live in.

Yesterday cosmologists at the University of Cambridge delivered their verdict on a major breakthrough that rocked science this week: the announcement of the BICEP2 project of direct evidence for an inflationary theory of the Universe and the existence of gravity waves

Data from BICEP2 gathered in the South Pole reveals swirls in the CMB, the first image of gravitational waves and evidence for inflation.

How to catch those elusive gravitational waves.