Celebrate chance, coincidence and unlikelihood this Friday – Huntrodd's Day!

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Mr and Mrs Huntrodd were both born on the same day — 19 September 1600. That's quite a coincidence isn't it? (See here just how much of a coincidence this is.) What's even more of a coincidence is that they both died, within 5 hours of each other, on the same day too, which was… drum roll please… 19 September 1680! This seems very surprising. So surprising that even the very hard to surprise Professor Sir David Spiegelhalter OBE, Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk and friend of Plus, was surprised. So surprised that he took this photo and is now throwing a party to celebrate this unlikely event with party, this Friday 19 September.


(Image by David Spiegelhalter, image licensed under Creative Commons)

You can join Spiegelhalter and his risky colleagues Timandra Harkness and Michael Blastland at their Huntrodd's party or you can throw your own. Visit the website to find out more! Happy Huntrodd's day!

You can read more about coincidence in Spiegelhalter's Plus column or the Understanding Uncertainty site.

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