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Seeing Pythagoras

The great thing about geometry is that you can sometimes prove things using pictures. Enjoy these three great visual proofs of Pythagoras' theorem!

Bizarre conclusion from alcohol study

Does a pint a day give you dementia? Yes, if reported claims of a recent study are to be believed, but no if you have a closer look at the data the study was based on.

Maths in a minute: Compound interest and e

Compound interest is the curse of debt and the blessing of saving. Find out how it works and what it has to do with one of the most important numbers in mathematics.

David Spiegelhalter's favourite people of science

David Spiegelhalter, one of our favourite experts on statistics, recently joined David Attenborough, Bill Bryson and other eminent contributors on the Royal Society's People of Science series. You can watch the video here.

Celebrating the new year with a new prime!

Celebrating the new year with a new prime!

Spaghetti, chance and typhoid

In 1915 a cook in California accidentally infected 93 people with typhoid. Over 100 years on mathematicians shed light on a long-standing mystery surrounding this and other outbreaks of infectious diseases.

A conversation with Stephen Cook

We talk to pioneering mathematician and computer Scientist Stephen Cook, who came up with the concept of NP-complete problems, about his work, computers, and artificial intelligence.

Happy e day!

Today is e day! Celebrate the lovely number e with some of our favourite articles on the topic.