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Maths in a minute: Euler's identity

Here's a quick introduction to the beauty queen amongst mathematical formulas.

The catenary goes to Wembley

Engineer Paul Shepherd explains the famous arch and drops some eggs.

How not to buckle under pressure

Ahmer Wadee explains how to keep tall structures from buckling under their own weight.

Charles Trevelyan: The geometry of design

Furniture designer Charles Trevelyan talks about the importance of maths in designing structures that are not only beautiful but also strong.

The formula that plots (almost) everything

Explore one of the most amazing formulas in maths!

Bach and the musical torus

In a previous article we found a Möbius strip in Bach's music. This time it's a doughnut shape.

1012 and other such numbers

If you like playing with numbers, then this one's for you!


In his latest book Mario Livio investigates our unquenchable thirst for knowledge — including our obsession with social media.