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Where's the maths in beer?

There's actually quite a lot of maths in beer. To convince you of this, here are three beer-related maths stories.

Probably magic!

When you shuffle a deck of cards chances are the order of cards you produced has never been produced before! Find out why and learn a card trick too!

Spotting lizards

Are pretty lizard patterns the result of a living cellular automaton?

Introducing Florence Nightingale

A brief introduction to the famous nurse and statistician.

Uncovering the mathematics of information

Taming big data – Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb tells us about a new institute researching the mathematics of information

Maths in a minute: The knapsack problem

The simple act of packing your luggage can open a complex can of worms.

'Weapons of math destruction'

To what extent do algorithms dictate our lives and is that a good thing? Cathy O'Neil's book explores the use of mathematical models.

Maths in a minute: Cellular automata

Mindless games can produce surprising results.