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Gravitational waves get Nobel Prize

This year's Nobel Prize in Physics has gone to Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish and Kip Thorne for their role in the detection of gravitational waves.

Fighting future pandemics

Take part in an exciting new project and help fight future pandemics!

Smale's chaotic horseshoe

Want to understand chaos? Then have a look at this famous brainchild of the mathematician Stephen Smale.

Quantum device solves very hard problem

Quantum particles that are both light and matter help solve infamous NP hard problems.

Bach and the musical torus

In a previous article we found a Möbius strip in Bach's music. This time it's a doughnut shape.

Maths in a minute: The two envelopes problem

What's wrong with this probability argument?

A quick chat with Seth Lloyd

The "quantum mechanic" talks about how quantum computers might impact society and the limits of measurement.

Photo © Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation / Kreutzer – 2017.

John D. Barrow: Zero is a hero

This talk traces the history of zero, looks at its role in maths and science, and even finds a link to the London Underground map.