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Dodging Doppler: Atomic clocks and laser cooling

Atomic clocks are the best time keepers we have, but to function they need to be kept incredibly cold. Paradoxically, the cooling is achieved by shining light on them. Find out how with Nobel laureate Bill Phillips.

Fantastic fractals

Escape the "tyranny of the straight line" with those beautifully complex, and useful, shapes called fractals.

From an ecologist's nightmare to a mathematician's dream

How do invading species, such as the common bushtail possum, get to where they are not wanted? A little graph theory has the answer.

Maths around the clock

Bored with 1 to 12? Then have a look at these mathematical clock faces!

Maths in a minute: Transcendental numbers (and politics)

A quick introduction to transcendental numbers, a famous problem which relates to them, and how the person who solved it became a victim of political tensions.

What is pharmaceutical statistics?

Why does the pharmaceutical industry need statisticians and what do they do?

Blockchain: Spreading trust

Bitcoin is a digital currency that isn't regulated by any kind of central authority. The structure which allows this decentralisation is called blockchain, and is currently a hot topic in the tech world. But how, and how well, does it work?

Mathscon: Reshaping perceptions of mathematics

We're looking forward to the next Mathscon event!