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Understanding waning immunity

Natural and vaccine induced immunity appear to wane for COVID-19, so what can we expect from the future? Here's a toy model that gives us some clues.

What are probability distributions?

Find out with this introduction, some famous examples, and a few related concepts.

Why the generation time of COVID-19 is important

To work out the famous R number you need to know the time between infections.

Life on the beach with Markov chains

Markov chains are exceptionally useful at calculating probabilities, and for helping you get to the beach!

Maths in a Minute: Fluid dynamics and the Euler equations

How does water, or any other fluid move?

Solving crimes with maths: Bloodstain pattern analysis

Some basic trigonometry can deliver vital evidence from the scene of a crime.

Maths in a minute: Maths and music

Explore the connections between maths and music!

Maths in a Minute: Category theory

A quick introduction to an abstract concept that's useful in anything from genetics to cosmology.