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Uncovering the mathematics of information

Taming big data – Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb tells us about a new institute researching the mathematics of information

Tricky teacups

One of our favourite problems from our sister site NRICH opens a door to the world of combinatorics and symmetry.

The hidden beauty of multiplication tables

There are some amazing patterns hiding within simple arithmetic.

Maths in a minute: The knapsack problem

The simple act of packing your luggage can open a complex can of worms.

Citizen science: Facts or fake news?

A little bit of maths can go a long way in telling the truth from lies. We demonstrate how using the example of volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Maths in a minute: Linear regression

A useful tool for spotting trends in data.

'Genius at play'

Siobbhan Roberts gives us a very personal, and mathematical, encounter with the great John Conway.

Face fusion

The maths behind music has inspired software that can merge faces.