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The real numbers and Cauchy sequences

We take the real numbers for granted, but what are they really? Here's an interesting way of looking at them.

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle

What happens if you squeeze the quantum fuzziness inherent in an electron's position?

Something from nothing?

If you can prove that a statement can't possibly be false, does this mean it's true? Here's a gentle look at non-constructive proofs and the worries some people have about them.

Who's watching: Can maths exist if you can't see it?

Unlike physicists, mathematicians don't need to "see" something to be certain it exists. But are non-constructive proofs really valid? And what happens if you try and make do without them?

Error correcting codes

Learn about magical mathematical methods for fixing errors on the fly.

Maths in a minute: Chomp

Explore a game that involves biscuits and comes with a surprising mathematical twist — what could be better?

Clocking the schedule

The way many football leagues schedule their fixtures can lead to unfair effects — and unsolved maths problems! Dries Goossens, who schedules the Belgian Pro League, explains.

Maths in a minute: Truth tables

Introducing an indispensable tool of mathematical logic.