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Maths in a minute: "R nought" and herd immunity

What is herd immunity and what does it have to do with a number called R0?

The maths of COVID-19

Maths plays an essential role in fighting COVID-19, which is why the pandemic has featured a lot on Plus. Here is all our coverage at a glance.

The growth rate of COVID-19

We all now know about R, but sometimes it can be good to consider another number: the growth rate of an epidemic.

Going back to uni during a pandemic

What can maths tell us about how to make universities safe from COVID-19?

Understanding information

Information is supremely powerful, yet it can't be described by traditional physics. Constructor theory provides a potential answer.

Maths in three minutes: Map projections

There are many ways of projecting the round Earth onto a flat map!

Maths in a minute: N-bonacci sequences

You may have heard about the Fibonacci sequence, but what about N-bonacci, N-annaci, and infinacci? Find out more here!

Congratulations to Martin Hairer!

The mathematician Martin Hairer has been awarded the 2021 Breakthrough Prize for Mathematics which, apart from the accolade, comes with $3 million in prize money.