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Emmy Noether: Against the odds

A brief look at Emmy Noether's challenging journey to become one of the twentieth century's great

What is machine learning?

Find out how a little bit of maths enables machines to learn from experience.

Emmy Noether and the power of symmetry

We celebrate the centenary of a mathematical result that changed the character of physics.

Maths in a minute: Higher dimensions

In normal life higher dimensions smack of science fiction, but in mathematics they are nothing out of the ordinary. Find out why the concept isn't as weird as it first seems.

Packing spheres

Maryna Viazovska made a major breakthrough in the theory of sphere packings in 2016. In this article she tells us what she did and how she did it.

Maths around the clock

Bored with 1 to 12? Then have a look at these mathematical clock faces!

Seeing proof

Having trouble with algebra? Then try these visual proofs of two well-known algebraic identities.

'Is that a big number?'

From national debt to theatre capacities – Andrew Elliott's book puts numbers into context.