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The selfish herd

From flocks of starlings to spiral galaxies: this article explores examples of emergent phenomena in nature.

The mother of all theories

The holy grail for 21st century physics is to produce a unified theory of everything — M-theory is a prime candidate. Find out more in this video.

Black holes and spacetime bubbles

Masaki Shigemori works on black holes and spacetime bubbles. Find out more in this video.

The central place of GPS in our lives

Celebrating GPS with the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering.

A conversation with Caucher Birkar

Fields medallist Caucher Birkar tells us about his work and his unusual mathematical journey.

GIMPS sets new prime record

A new prime number with nearly 25 million digits was discovered just in time for Christmas.

Farewell to a legend

Sir Michael Atiyah, one of the most important mathematicians of the twentieth century, dies aged 89.

Maths in a minute: Equal temperatures

At any point in time there are two points on the Earth's equator with the same temperature. Don't believe it? Here's a proof.