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Maths goes to the movies

Got your popcorn? Picked a good seat? Are you sitting comfortably? Then let the credits roll...

'Closing the gap'

Vicky Neale's new book is a fascinating look at the prime numbers and recent advances in prime number theory.

Mathematician advises the Home Office

Statistics professor John Aston has been appointed as the Home Office's new Chief Scientific Adviser.

Graphs and networks

From social science to neuroscience, networks are everywhere! In this package we bring together our best content on network and graph theory for you to peruse.

Fighting future pandemics

Take part in an exciting new project and help fight future pandemics!

Missing a complex opportunity

How Heron of Alexandria missed his chance to explore the unknown mathematical land of complex numbers.

What is the Mandelbrot set?

This article gives a short but thorough introduction to that fabled beast of mathematics: the Mandelbrot set.

On the tiles

Our colleague Becky Warren has been distracting us with her wonderful tiling puzzles...