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Error correcting codes

Learn about magical mathematical methods for fixing errors on the fly.

Genetics: Nature's digital code

Is nature using digital tools to deal with genetic information?

A very useful pandemic

Cambridge researchers, the BBC, and thousands of citizen scientists have created a revolutionary infectious disease data set.

Maths in a minute: The axioms of probability theory

Take a quick trip to the foundations of probability theory.

Abel Prize 2018: the power of asking good questions

Robert Langlands has been awarded the 2018 Abel Prize for his "visionary programme".

Stephen Hawking: Memories of a colleague

What was Stephen Hawking like as a person and colleague? Cambridge mathematicians and physicists remember their most famous colleague with fondness.

The unreasonable relationship between mathematics and physics

Mathematics has proved "unreasonably effective" in describing the world around us. Can physics return the favour and help mathematicians come up with new ideas?

Britain in love

How many long-term relationships does the average Brit have, and how many does he or she break up?