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'Genius at play'

Siobbhan Roberts gives us a very personal, and mathematical, encounter with the great John Conway.

Face fusion

The maths behind music has inspired software that can merge faces.

Wavelets catch Abel Prize

This year's Abel Prize has been awarded to Yves Meyer for the development of an incredibly powerful mathematical tool.

Tricky teacups

One of our favourite problems from our sister site NRICH opens a door to the world of combinatorics and symmetry.

Coding with linear codes (or how to avoid being eaten by crocodiles)

Can you encode a message so that errors in transmission are automatically corrected?

International women's day 2017

To celebrate international women's day we bring you some favourite articles from the last year that have been written by (or with major input from) women.

Citizen science: Facts or fake news?

A little bit of maths can go a long way in telling the truth from lies. We demonstrate how using the example of volcanoes, earthquakes and hurricanes.

Maths in a minute: Linear regression

A useful tool for spotting trends in data.