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Maths in a minute: "R nought" and herd immunity

What is herd immunity and what does it have to do with a number called R0?

A tour through maths and music

Explore the links between mathematics and music at the La La Lab exhibition

The problem with combining R ratios

We explore why you need to be extremely careful when combining the reproduction ratios of a disease in different settings, such as hospitals and the community.

Artificial intelligence takes on COVID-19

Mathematicians are helping to develop an AI tool to help with diagnosing COVID-19 and making prognoses for infected patients.

John Conway: Life, the Universe, everything and mathematics

We reflect on John Conway, the thoughts he shared with us over two interviews, and the experience of meeting him as a person and a mathematician.

The virus

In this podcast we explore the famous curve, talk about how to communicate science in a crisis, and explain the maths of herd immunity in one minute.

Social distancing: How close is safe?

How far can virus-carrying droplets fly in different environments — from buses to supermarkets? Maths can provide some answers.

Finding a way out of lockdown

Mathematical models can help the nation return to (some sort of) normality.