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Fighting the coronavirus

As the world prepares for the worst, we explore the maths that can help us stop a pandemic.

Myths of maths

We debunk some common mathematical misconceptions to do with the golden ratio, the four colour theorem, and the Monty Hall problem.

Communicating the coronavirus crisis

David Spiegelhalter, expert in risk and evidence communication, tells us how well the UK government has done so far communicating about Covid-19.

Maths in a minute: Social distancing

How should people arrange themselves, when sitting in the park, for maximal socialising at a safe distance?

Perfectly even

After 2000 years of searching we only know of 51 perfect numbers and they're all even. What else do and don't we know about these rare and precious jewels of maths?

Freeman Dyson dies at 96

The "free-range mathematician" and "architect of particle physics" has passed away in Princeton.

Happy international women's day 2020

We celebrate Karen Uhlenbeck, first female winner of the Abel Prize, and some of the other female mathematicians we met over the last year.

The Abel Prize 2020

This year's Abel Prize has been awarded to Hillel Furstenberg and Gregory Margulis. Find out more about their work.