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Primes without 7s

James Maynard, one of the prize winners at the European Congress of Mathematics, is counting primes that don't have 7s in them. But why?

Go Rio!

Here's a selection of our favourite articles on Olympic maths — from dressage, via ping pong, to athletics.

Life's dirty secrets

Some uncomfortable problems in our understanding of life.

Calculating the multiverse

If there's a multiverse, then how many of its component universes are like our own? Fred Adams has made some calculations.

Blood, oil and water

Sara Zahedi has won a prestigious prize at the European Congress of Maths. Your future medical diagnoses, and even the welfare of sea life, may depend on her work.

What do you think?

Mathematicians explore how opinions spread through a society.

Mathematical moments: Frank Kelly

Frank Kelly talks about his work on networks, and how inspiration can strike out of he blue.

What's happening and who's listening?

Why are physicists unsure about what it means to say that something has happened? Anthony Aguirre and Sean Carroll explain.