The European Congress of Mathematics 2016

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We've just arrived in Berlin for the European Congress of Mathematics 2016! More than 1300 mathematicians are expected at the Congress, which takes place at the Technical University Berlin. Every four years, this summit gathers participants from Europe and around the world under the auspices of the European Mathematical Society (EMS). For one week, the mathematicians will discuss the entire spectrum of contemporary mathematics.

Unfortunately we weren't able to attend the opening yesterday, but rumour has it that a brass band had mathematicians shimmying to some favourite film and TV tunes — interesting! Over the next two days we're particularly looking forward to meeting some of the winners of the EMS prizes, which are awarded to young researchers not older than 35 years, in recognition of excellent contributions in mathematics. One of them, Peter Scholze, we already met two years ago at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Korea. You can listen to our interview with him here.

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